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I have two button here that are being used to close the modal. The first is the close icon and the other one is cancel button, both use data-dismiss to close the modal. However, both of them are not I am developing an app which requires to show the data at every click on my different list of icon. The problem is how to display data in to bootstrap modal according to id. Thanks in advance. index.blade.php . The other disadvantage is the stability of Bitcoin's value; at the beginning of this year, the worth of one bitcoin was around 12-14$ each, in just a couple of months the coins went up to almost 240$ in April and are currently worth around 110-115$ each. This is in huge contrast to traditional currencies, for your money to have a 2000% increase in worth and then a 50% decrease, all within a ... Could you explain how Bootstrap detect data-dismiss="modal" property on HTML page ? and why does Bootstrap trigger the code that you mentioned ? Sorry for the very basic questions, i'm totally new to the framework. – Tien Nguyen Jan 7 '16 at 10:02. 7 @Adeel could you elaborate? If the code searches for a DOM element with attribute data-dismiss with value modal, it will find my button. How ... Blockset lets your existing engineering team rapidly build real-time, multi-chain products and services with massive scalability. Discover how our ready-to-use, read/write blockchain tools can power sophisticated custodial solutions, build powerful market visualizers, or help creative on-chain products get to market.

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